"I moved into Dogwood Springs from John Knox in Sept. of 2009. It was the best move I have ever made. This place is beautiful and so are the residents. We have two Gazebos, lots of trees and wildlife to enjoy, also games and get togethers, and the price is right."

- Nina

"My daughter Linda discovered Dogwood Springs in early March 2011 and felt it was the home for me! Very tranquil and well cared for! People are friendly, activities are many. I enjoy my new life at Dogwood Springs!"

- Ira B.

"I have lived at Dogwood Springs for 5 years. I can't imagine living anywhere else. The grounds and building are beautiful and my apartment is absolutely perfect for me. For me, one of the best things about living here are my neighbors. We can all get together in the clubhouse for lunches, pot luck suppers or to play cards or games or just visit and have an enjoyable time. For me Dogwood Springs is a 'Great Place to Call Home.' None of this would be possible without the caring of the owners, and the resident manager, and the maintenance person; they keep everything together and I am here to stay."

- Sharon H.

"What we like about Dogwood Retirement Villa: 1. So easy on the eye. 2. Maintenance is taken care of in a short period of time. 3. Monthly get togethers, 4. Games, pitch, sequence, dominos, rummy, and lot of jigsaw puzzles. 5, Visitation in the gazebos, 7. Are very affordable, 8. Snow removal, priority on Winter maintenance, 9. Shopping, groceries, drugstore, walking distance and others, a very short drive. 10. We have lived here for five years, are well satisfied, and could never think of moving elsewhere. Everyone's parking is right at their backdoor."

- Cliff and Alice

"My husband and I had known for some time we needed to move from our house with steps (raised ranch) and a big yard with lots of leaves catching in the fence.

My daughter happened to be driving down Todd George Parkway one Saturday; Lisa happened to be in sight, so Jan stopped to get information. She called us in Raytown and said we should come over and take a look at the place she thought would be good for us.

We moved the last of February and have been happy here, especially with no steps. We like the friendly people here and all the help we get from the very nice staff.

We are very happy to have a 2-bedroom home. The second bedroom is our office/computer room. The lights from the gazebo are very pretty, as are the trees. We appreciate the guestroom and the outdoor furniture being there as well. Everything is kept so nice and there are many things to do, including going to the potluck dinner (good cooks live here) and playing bingo.

It is indeed, “A Great Place to Call Home.”

- Corky (Mary Alice) and Everett S.